I am asked often how this has happened. How a normal looking, normal acting person begins hearing from animals.  Here is my answer.
These things are curious. My life started in a most ordinary pattern.  Growing up in Connecticut, father a jeweler, mother an artist and golfer an older sister who is a writer and me. No dogs, no cats, no animals. And then it happened. I had a near death experience. At age 21.  A week after my own daughter was born.  We nearly killed each other when she came in – I had a blood clot, drifting in and out of consciousness and she had a raging kidney infection with 105 degree temperature at age 1 week. So off to the hospital she went and into bed I went for over a month.  When it was over, she lived and I had a near deather that changed me forever.
Just a few words on that. I admit to being a big fan of death. A cheerleader in fact. A  public relations person.  Death, in our culture, has a very bad name. In my experience it is at once joyful, thrilling, an adventure, a great view, and the source of wonderful music for the one crossing over.

For the ones left behind, it is obviously a different story.

But for those on the journey, it is light, love beyond description, a lightness and a place from which you do not want to leave.
That said, obviously I heard the words “it’s not your time” and I got shot back into my body but kept with me always the feeling of love and light. And then it happened. Over a period of years,  I started to get psychic. It was nothing I asked for. Aside from dowsing and map dowsing, I started to sense danger and especially car accidents.  I started getting “information” on people’s physical bodies. Where they were hurt or ill. Never any information on what they could do about it. Just what the problem was. Within a few years, that turned into my seeing the person as a system and what the physical problems were and what to do about it.  Guides started coming in that I could identify.  And specific cures were recommended.
The next surprise was mediumship. A medium is a link between the worlds.

That means that once a person crosses over (dies) they no longer exist on the physical plane. No news there. But to hear from the energy of that spirit – well now, that’s news.

They would come in when called and show me things about their life on this side. What their personality was like here. What they liked and where they lived, etc.  And leave messages for loved ones here.  I knew nothing. I never knew whether any of this was accurate or not, until I read it to the person who had asked for the reading.
I was as shocked as anyone else that these energies were coming through me. I felt no bad effects. It didn’t make me tired. It didn’t drain me. But I did have to meditate to allow the spirit in.  I think it’s because you can’t transmit and receive at the same time and I was into the receiving end.
I am still a medium, this still is part of who I am. – even though a new energetic transmission comes in – it doesn’t erase the ones before it.  It just becomes a giant pyramid, laying bricks on bricks.
And on the basis of this mediumship I was asked the following:
It began like other Tuesdays in October in Massachusetts. A little rain, a little wind and a little phone call.  It was my friend Betsy who asked me to ask her cat Sammy – could she get a dog?  I protested saying that I don’t read animals – I don’t have any animals, I don’t know any animals, and truthfully, they scare the hell out of me. They are actually my one enduring lifelong recurrent nightmare.
Anyway – she breezed past my objections and said oh- sure , I know, I know, but ask him anyway. So that night when I slipped into the bathtub (I’m a cancer) I asked Sammy the cat  (telepathic-ly) could Betsy get a dog and before I got the word “dog” out- Sammy a turned around and SCREAMED at my with his little triangle mouth: “Don’t even THINK about it”. I started to laugh. And thought that was the end of the reading.

But Sammy woke me up during the night and said “maybe another cat would be alright.”   The amazing thing is that Sammy then proceed to “cross over”  3 days later.  He hadn’t been sick.  I think he felt that if they were no longer devoted to him – then it was time to move on and go. And so he did.

I have spent my life thinking about all this.  Two more parts of this mystery are:

1.  As I alluded to before I have always dreamed in animals. Everything and everyone was an animal. And all these animals were menacing. Scary. All could and would turn on me in an instant.  House cats could try and claw my face off and dogs were always chasing me down ready to rip my throat out. So animals were a terror for me.

2.  I never had an animal. I never owned one or took care of one .  I am highly allergic to cats and here I am working with them on the inner plane doing healing work. Mostly for the pet owners who remain on this side and miss their pets desperately. But I also read live animals for behavioral and idiosyncratic problems.

I have not sorted out any of the above mystery. But maybe someday it will be given to me.  Why an entity so feared and dreaded has become my guide- I really can’t say now.
In the meantime, I have put together a blog entitled:
“Animals Speak to Me” because the folks who find out what I do always want to know- if they speak to you – what do they say?
So I am presenting some readings I’ve done to help clients with either the animals’ crossing or what the animal needs on this side.

Thanks for reading this.  Please leave any comments you’d like. I ‘d love to hear from you.


Sonny is still little nervous from the move.  He has not yet relaxed. He shows his anxiety to running across the floor. It is half fun and half getting rid of the nerves. He is very happy with you. He wanted me to tell you that immediately. He is showing me something about steps like picking his front paws up higher than necessary. He thinks this is amusing.  He seems to keep his back to you occasionally.  Not sure what the reason is.  I ask about his other owners.  I see a death. He knew he was going to go to a new place. I see a woman. Very devoted. Both to each other. I ask if he knows he’s going to stay with you.. He’s relieved to hear that. He didn’t know.  He’s sad to hear you’re going away for 2 weeks. He sort of collapsed. He said he’d wait for you to come back.  He told me he liked the name Sambo. He did not want to get close to you in case he wasn’t going to stay. I think he wiill be easier with you now.  I feel like he’s going to look around the house in a new way, finding his special spots. Looking for soft things and places. Wouldn’t mind being in a closet and private. Not used to a lot of commotion or stimuli.  Loves the purple toy. Really wouldn’t let me look at it, making sure i knew it was his.  He likes to- what looks like bounce. maybe off things. No, doesn’t need any other animals. said: “No dogs please.”

I ask how he’s feeling and do a body scan: my nose itches immediately.  back right hip area.  he meowed when i got there. throat bothers him. check for a growth or swelling.  right front paw bothers him a little. i ask if any of this is serious and he says no. Just complaining a little.  Something about his belly. I would have thought he was pregnant if he weren’t a male.  inside of back upper leg where it meets the body. something irritating there.

He said he wakes you up to make sure you are there. yes he will use the little door but is worried that you might close the door behind him. yes having enough to eat. wants something crunchy tho for a treat. maybe it’s yellow.  My back itches just below my right shoulder blade. I guess he wasn’t done telling me what his physical problems were. He wants bubbling water. he said “THAT”S A MUST”.  I can tell the reading is ending. It’s getting thin.  I ask if he has a message for you: he said “this is going to be a good one” meaning the relationship. I am seeing a little rubber ball (about 3 inches across that is very soft rubber. he’d like to play with this. He likes listening to the birds outside. Likes watching things blow around on the ground. I ask again for a message for you:  He said again he will wait for you. He loves you already and has relaxed since this reading has begun. I pat him with longs strokes and he stretches out on his side. Loving this. Smiles at me and the reading fades.

Note to Linda from Sonny’s person Rita:

Thank you, Linda, for the wonderful reading. We have begun calling our boy Sambo and he appears to approve. After I spoke with you, I immediately put together a bubbling fountain for him. He got so excited as I was filling it with water that he started with his love bites on my ankle and legs and foot. I finally had to tell him to stop. Oh my, he was so happy that I was fulfilling a request. I also put a new, larger bed in the closet. He slept in it last night, being able to fully stretch out. I am most happy that you were able to help him know that he is here to stay and that we are his family. Now I hope he can settle into his new life with confidence. Many thanks again. Your gift is a real blessing to us all.

Rita., Western Mass.

Note from Linda:

There are always amazing things in every reading, even to me. That Sonny said “this is going to be a good one” meaning this relationship is very comforting. He already knows, after being with Rita for only 2 weeks. This is the first animal who told me about where he lived before this. (He came from a shelter). He knew that his old companion had died, which she did. And the fact that he expresses “no dogs please” is amazing. If folks could consult their animals and check in with them, either new animals or animals that have been with them for a while, they could check on current likes and dislikes.  Seems like they’d have more peaceful homes.


img-20160531-wa0002Q: Here is a picture of Viggo. He is a 5 year old German bred Long Coated German Shepherd male. The most important thing I would like to hear from him is if he feels healthy and strong enough mentally and physically to complete the training we are doing. And what would be the best way to motivate him to proceed. Also if he has any physical limitations.

I ask Viggo to come in : He is full of energy. Jumping and playing. But I feel like something has hit him in the head. He is not quite the same as he used to be. He loves being outside especially in the cold weather. likes the snow. He would like to carry something. If you put saddlebag kind of thing on him he would like that. I saw it with small books in it. He’s a sweet dog with a sweet temperament. I don’t hear much barking. Speaking of barking, his throat seems to bother him, what humans would describe as a sore throat. Back right hip not so good. that bothers him too. I ask about food: said he wants more. Stares into the bowl like – that’s all!! Wants more of what you’re giving him. No complaints about what it is, just the amount. Yes, wants to continue with the training. He’s competitive. Best way to motivate him: wants to rest when done. Says he will work hard but wants to rest hard too. He likes looking at what looks like TV or some screen, with you on a couch. I also see him eating what looks like a peach. Round. a fruit. He wants that. Maybe it’s an apple. Likes the beach. and running thru the water. I ask if there is any message for Carol: he likes the training. If he slows down it’s because of his hip. I also like lying in a puddle or small amount of water. It feels good on my belly. I hear baby chicks. like the sound. am interested in that. i could get close, i won’t hurt them. He loves you and wants you to rest. He says again you need to rest. He wants to rest with you. He likes your eyes. They are “kind eyes”. I am seeing people jumping rope and is very curious about this. I pat him in long strokes and he likes this a lot. I ask if there is anything else he wants to say: doesn’t like hot pavement. hard on his paws. and he likes the smells of fall. sends you love.

Comments from Linda: The issue in this reading was to help his person decide if Viggo wanted to continue with his rigorous training program. Viggo doesn’t mind working hard and this was helpful to her, to know that he was not being pushed. She feels good to know she’s not pushing him too hard. Also, she said he was hit in the head but didn’t know it had a lasting impact. He does want more food but since he’s in training, he’s food restricted. He loves watching TV with her on the couch. He watches the birds outside and she says he does much better in the fall. At the close of the reading he asked for ‘chicken soup’ – having to do with his sore throat. This is a sweet, very hard working dog.


I ask Bandit to come in. Bandit is a love bug. He rolls up in your arms. He has an unusual and funny bark. He likes the sound of it. His hearing is VERY keen. He hears tires and wheels on the road outside. I am also hearing a squeek toy. His back end stops shaking long after his front end. He shows me that. I ask him how he feels: hearing again very keen in right ear. My right ear makes me very alert.
The reading fades and I tell Buster I will come back to him in a short time and that he should practice talking to me. Very quiet.

I check back in. He comes in again and tells me a right front tooth bothers him. Not enough to do anything about. He is showing me a rug or a towel in a dark print that he likes or uses. Also shows me what looks like little eggs or balls that roll around on the floor. I am hearing that he likes the rain. the water. There is some game he plays where he lifts off of all feet at the same time. There is a child he watches. I ask why he won’t let me sit by the front window: I don’t like it there. The light bothers my eyes.
I am very proud of how soft my fur is. I love being patted and admired. I feel very playful and quite silly. I ask about food: I would rather have something that seems like food from a can. But likes/wants hot dogs. Also wants you to check his water to see if it’s clean, and filled up. I’m seeing something purplish that looks like it’s dripping down some window and i have NO IDEA what this is. He likes the warm weather. He’s ready for summer. I ask if he has any friends: he shows me only what looks like a turtle.

I ask if he has a message for you: he wants you to keep going. He loves being with you. He likes to watch you as you sit on your chair or on the sofa. He sees orbs behind you. This is a mystical dog. He checks back in with me to make sure I have told you how much he loves you. He feels that he might be a pain once in a while but wants you to forgive him. He giggles.

Linda’s notes: He DOES have a funny bark and a funny way of shaking where te front is sort of independent of the back end. K acknowledges the dark towel he likes.
Buster does not allow K. to sit under the front window and she never understood why. Here he says ‘the light bothers my eyes’. K says he is fastidious about his water and she changes it often. K. also says that he IS pretty crazy sometimes and probably (what he sees as a pain)— and so he’s right. But there is this sweetness about him and asks to be forgiven for that. As for the ORBS (flat little circles of energy that are visible only in certain dim lights and usually only in the evenings) animals do see these and he was really looking at some down the dark hall at night. I knew Bandit was looking at something fascinating because he would not be distracted. He was hyper-staring if there is such a thing. Dogs bark at these things that people don’t even see. i never encountered an animal who is hooked into that part of the universal spectrum before. Very few people can see orbs. They are occasionally visible on film at night as flat round balls.

image4Nickers is delighted to come in and talk. She likes her outfits. She showed me that even before the reading began. She feels like it sets her apart. It gives her a “look.’ She wants to cooperate with this reading and is trying hard. Told me immediately that she needs glasses. Her eyesight “isn’t what it used to be.” I ask her about physical problems. She’s also having some trouble with light and shadows. Right front shoulder is getting stiff. She gets a pain in it sometimes. I asked her if it bothers her and she gives me this answer like – well – yes! Also right ear seems a little blocked or clogged. Doesn’t hear as well in that ear. Reading fades a little. I ask her if I should come back later and she said no and tried to pull it together to keep going. There are some flies or bugs around her back near her tail that bother her. She shows me a striped blanket that I think you put under her saddle that she likes. Stripes. Maybe a browny tan color with red narrow stripes. She is very interested in how she looks. She is feeling a little lazy. Likes being in the field. Grazing. Keeps showing me clover. ? I ask about her food: no complaints. Someone has given her a bar wrapped in paper and she liked that. Wants more. Would like to have a long thin thing that you hang and she chews or licks. It looks like a piece of fly paper to me. But then she let me know that that’s not right and she tells me “let’s move on to the next.”
I ask her why she wants to “bolt” after her jump: she seems to want to get it over with. It doesn’t feel like she likes this that much. I keep seeing her grazing in the field. But she’ll do the drill for you. She loves you too. She likes to put her head next to yours. She seems to have a sense of humor.
Like to be ridden as a school horse? Yes, doesn’t mind. Moving slowly these days. Suits her. Ask her about the other horses: saw a streak of blue lightning go between her and another horse. She seems not to like the way they smell.
– She likes when you do her mane into like a hairdo. Sort of a pony tail up there.
In general, she’s a bit like Ferdinand the Bull, not high in energy. Wants to do a little jumping but has no great interest in it.
I ask any wants/desires on her part? She shows me she’d like to just hang out with you. She showed me you sitting next to her just doing something (game?- can’t tell.) She likes looking out her window and likes to see the skies. She’d like some music. I listen for what kind of music she wants but I don’t hear it. I just know it’s soft.
Last question is: about owning her: she does’t care who owns her. She just wants to be with you.
I send her your love and thank her for coming in.
She feels very good about this reading. Proud.

Linda’s note: This is one of the most amazing readings I have ever done. Who said animals don’t know what they look like? Or smell like? Or don’t see colors? Nickers is a supreme communicator. She showed me the blanket she likes that her owner made for her, which goes under the saddle, and the colors of that blanket (browns and tans with some red.) Her owner said she is known in the barn for smelling good and she KNOWS THAT ! She knows what she looks like and what she smells like. Her owner monograms some of the pieces that she wears (that’s her family business) and at one point she wouldn’t go out in some pieces that were put on her that she felt weren’t ‘right’. 
The owner only found out that someone was giving her fruit wraps thru this reading. The part of about my trying to understand what that long thin thing was that she was chewing or licking She realized I wasn’t getting what she was trying to show me and she just waved me off and said in an exasperated way – “oh – forget it and just move on to the next”. Many of the horses treat me like I’m not that smart. It’s very funny to me.

Note from her owner/rider. (Karen)

I wanted to thank you for your recent reading of Nickers. Many of the things that you told me were so true. The fact that she likes how she smells was amazing because what her and I are known for at the barn is how nice she smells! After grooming she gets a spray of Marigold or lavender or most recently a home-made mint rinse. Everyone always says ” we know Karen’s here because we can smell Nickers” or ” Nickers always smells so nice ”

I have always “felt” that she enjoys looking good. I have bought her many things and since my husband and I own our own embroidery business she always gets her name put on them. I was glad to hear that she likes all her things and that it makes her feel special…..that was my intent too.

The clover field and hanging out together was spot on. When she was laid up with a foot abscess , I would walk her down to this little area filled with clover and an apple tree so she could get outside and graze. We still go there after her baths so she can dry in the sun.

I found out that the camp kids were feeding her fruit roll ups the week before and I believe that was the treat in the paper and the fly paper vision that you were getting. Evidently she loved them! And I did replace her salt lick that hangs in her stall.

Do you want to hear from your baby? Is your baby unhappy? Crying a lot? Seem to have “issues” at this young age? Linda Clayton connects with infants and young children whether they have speech or not. She is offering a free baby reading to 10 parents. If you are interested in more information about the reading please contact” This is an exercise in information retrieval and not meant as a replacement for medical or child development expertise.

Molly The Horse


An Amazing Communicator !

An Amazing Communicator !


Shows me a time when she used to have a lot of energy. Not feeling that way anymore.  she puts her front legs around me, signifying that she wants to communicate.  Immediately indicates her“toes” on front left hoof bother her.  She shows me that she rode in a boat once by flashing me a picture of her standing up in small row boat. (This is  an ASTOUNDING communication . Eileen – Molly’s person, told me that she used to sing to her when she was a younger horse a sort of nursery rhyme that said she’d sail her over the water on a boat… and Molly REMEMBERED this and mirrored it back to me years later !!)

The reading goes on and Molly shows me her flashing her tail around. wants Eileen to cheer up. feels you have been blue.  wants you to ride her.  wants you to wear a hat you have worn riding. she likes it.  She says she doesn’t mind jumping low branches. But no longer wants to do show jumping.  I see a bug crawling up her left leg, over the knee. yes, happy in the barn.  stepped on something there that alarmed her.  said she likes Leah.  likes to stand next to leah. parallel. heads in same direction. likes to go to fairs?  smells the food there. q: is she ok?  she shows me a basket with the handle that goes over your arm.  would like to graze more. shows me little white flowers and how she likes eating those. likes the color of BERYL. sends you love, great hearts flying out of her chest. i tell her you love her and she shakes her head up and down. she knows.

Just absolutely amazing. Imagine singing to a young animal and YEARS later hearing that they remember the song, the words and the meaning  and can transmit it back to you!!!


NOTE FROM LINDA CLAYTON: I find this all to be the most meaningful work I have ever done. To be able to tell the people what their animals want and need is deep and satisfying. I have been a psychic, a medium, have seen people at a distance and have done distance healings and this tops them all.  I have lost my heart to these magnificent, beautiful animals. They are so willing to be open.   The shock is also how affected they are by their rider’s moods and temperaments. The horses know immediately if their rider is nervous or sad or sick. They often mirror the mood of their rider, as dogs and cats also take on the emotional feel in their house.

The Beginning

The call came in on a Tues. morning: Could I “read” 8 horses in one barn and we’d make a party of it. We would gather for lunch and have all 8 horses’ riders there to hear what their horses had to say.  All 8 riders knew each other and knew each others’ horses, so this was going to be fun.

As an animal communicator, I had already read another horse in the barn. That horse, Nickers, was such a fantastic communicator that I learned that she loved getting decked out – she loved having a “look” that other horses didn’t have, loved smelling good and especially was repelled by another horse that smelled bad.  She showed me this by shooting two bolts of blue lightening at that smelly horse near her.

So, I was recommended to do a reading for 8 other horses. I must state before I begin that I never met any of these horses beforehand, never met any of the riders, never went to the barn, and never knew what any of their problems and/or issues were. All I had to go on was a picture, the horse’s name, the name of the rider and a few questions if they had any. And the readings turned out to be so interesting, fun, funny, and touching. Horses are amazingly soulful and deep. It is such a privilege to know each one. I tried to include the most interesting readings, and the most interesting/unusual part of the readings. They were more comprehensive that what is written here.

The Following Posts are a sampling of some of the things these horses told me/ showed me during our communications.

Jax the Horse

JaxI started with Jax who is playful. Grabs me from the back and puts his front legs around me and is sort of wrestling.  Likes silly things. into fun. I ask him how he’s doing and he shows me he’s very smart. he shows me this by putting on glasses and having papers in front of him that he is reading.  You (his rider)  could challenge him more in terms of memory and routines. He would like that because he wants the chance to show off his brilliant brain.

He also likes finding berries in the grasses. He did find a little unexpected animal in a bush once which he loved.   he’s a loner tho.  Happy to be on his own.

As is apparent immediately – each horse has his/her own personality. Jax is a loner. Likes being alone. Is proud of how smart he is and wants to be asked to do and remember a more challenging course. It seems amazing that they know and can transmit what their needs are so instantaneously.

“This is a continuation of my series of posts titled ‘8 horses in one barn’. For the full introduction, go HERE“.

Caroline the Horse:

CarolineShe is used to carrying things. She liked this. I see boxes.  She immediately gets into what physically bothers her. Her back left leg on the inside.  Her front left leg on the inside.  He head itches at the top near my hairline.  I have a cough or have had one. I hear coughing.  I feel lazy. I don’t feel like doing much.  I see the others going and coming and she’s not that interested in that either.  I see a ring and a crop.  I don’t mind being in a ring and going in a circle.  it’s calming. I am pretty itchy all over. I see a scale I might have to get on. Is there a concern about her weight.?

I ask her how she feels and i get the same itchy spots which are annoying. Now another one on the outside of the back right leg.  I ask what she has fun doing  and now my tongue and my left right foot itch.   She asks not to have that saddle blanket put on her. she doesn’t like it.  i ask if she can be ridden without a saddle and she says yes enthusiastically.   I ask her about her food.  She doesn’t like what she’s eating. she won’t go close to it and show me.  she more points like it’s over there.  She shows me she wants brown mushy food .  I ask who her friends are and she shows me a smaller horse– who is laid back.

I was told there WAS a concern with her weight and that they were preparing to weigh her. Amazing that she would know that and communicate that. I told her rider about Caroline’s allergy to the saddle pad which they realized was the wrong one and could understand how it would annoy her. So they changed it. I hear she is no longer itchy.

“This is a continuation of my series of posts titled ‘8 horses in one barn’. For the full introduction, go HERE“.

Reuben the Horse

ReubenReuben is not talking much which is a surprise to me since I expected him to be very intense and have a lot to say. I ask what he likes to do:  (this is like being at a cocktail party with interesting people and no one is talking to anyone else). says likes the sunny sky and the blue sky and my butts.  Feels good with sturdy legs. likes his legs. He has keen hearing in the right ear especially. Still getting very little conversation from him. I ask who his friends are: he’s showing me a black and white horse, mostly white. seems to love that horse. shows me their noses together eating. He would like to be closer to that horse.  He also likes flower and would like to have some in his stall. I have the feeling this is a visual horse. A sort of artist. He’s interested in sky’s and textures and flowers and I don’t think it is the flowers as food. I think if we gave him a paintbrush he’d be able to surprise everyone. He seems somewhat slow moving in his work but when he gets out into the field on his own, he’s a good mover. I also hear him humming. I think we have a dancer here too.  He might like some swing music on softly in his stall.

I ask if there is any message for A. his rider:  He shows me a big block of hay (?) likes that.  happy it’s warming up. likes the warmer weather.  i see a small hunk of ice. likes that. he’s getting into treats now:  he is showing me little pepperidge farms fish crackers.  and ice cream in a cone.  This guy likes his junk food.  I ask about A. again:   He likes when she swings up onto his back.  He thinks they look good together.  He wants you to look out for low hanging branches. likes riding in a low stream. likes the water on his hooves and legs.  would like a snack after he gets back in from that kind of ride. He also likes having his neck brushed.  He shows me that he sniffs the brush. Maybe he’s saying they need cleaning?  Kisses you near your ear.  trots off into the sunlight.

Amazing that some horses are more artistic than other horses as is the case with humans. AND that he recognizes this and can transmit it to me. Also amazing is how many animals like music and they are happy to tell you what kind. I read a dog who liked “the horns”.

  The animals treat me like I’m not that smart. Many of them have an attitude like – WELL DUDE WHAT DO YOU THINK I’M TRYING TO SAY?!!  They also treat me like I am a waitress as you see in the above reading. They start firing off food preferences. As you can see, Reuben likes his junk food. You wonder where he got these bites or when.

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