Linda Clayton, animal communicator, tells how the psychic thing started:

I am asked often how this has happened. How a normal looking, normal acting person begins hearing from animals.  Here is my answer.
These things are curious. My life started in a most ordinary pattern.  Growing up in Connecticut, father a jeweler, mother an artist and golfer an older sister who is a writer and me. No dogs, no cats, no animals. And then it happened. I had a near death experience. At age 21.  A week after my own daughter was born.  We nearly killed each other when she came in – I had a blood clot, drifting in and out of consciousness and she had a raging kidney infection with 105 degree temperature at age 1 week. So off to the hospital she went and into bed I went for over a month.  When it was over, she lived and I had a near deather that changed me forever.
Just a few words on that. I admit to being a big fan of death. A cheerleader in fact. A  public relations person.  Death, in our culture, has a very bad name. In my experience it is at once joyful, thrilling, an adventure, a great view, and the source of wonderful music for the one crossing over.

For the ones left behind, it is obviously a different story.

But for those on the journey, it is light, love beyond description, a lightness and a place from which you do not want to leave.
That said, obviously I heard the words “it’s not your time” and I got shot back into my body but kept with me always the feeling of love and light. And then it happened. Over a period of years,  I started to get psychic. It was nothing I asked for. Aside from dowsing and map dowsing, I started to sense danger and especially car accidents.  I started getting “information” on people’s physical bodies. Where they were hurt or ill. Never any information on what they could do about it. Just what the problem was. Within a few years, that turned into my seeing the person as a system and what the physical problems were and what to do about it.  Guides started coming in that I could identify.  And specific cures were recommended.
The next surprise was mediumship. A medium is a link between the worlds.

That means that once a person crosses over (dies) they no longer exist on the physical plane. No news there. But to hear from the energy of that spirit – well now, that’s news.

They would come in when called and show me things about their life on this side. What their personality was like here. What they liked and where they lived, etc.  And leave messages for loved ones here.  I knew nothing. I never knew whether any of this was accurate or not, until I read it to the person who had asked for the reading.
I was as shocked as anyone else that these energies were coming through me. I felt no bad effects. It didn’t make me tired. It didn’t drain me. But I did have to meditate to allow the spirit in.  I think it’s because you can’t transmit and receive at the same time and I was into the receiving end.
I am still a medium, this still is part of who I am. – even though a new energetic transmission comes in – it doesn’t erase the ones before it.  It just becomes a giant pyramid, laying bricks on bricks.
And on the basis of this mediumship I was asked the following:
It began like other Tuesdays in October in Massachusetts. A little rain, a little wind and a little phone call.  It was my friend Betsy who asked me to ask her cat Sammy – could she get a dog?  I protested saying that I don’t read animals – I don’t have any animals, I don’t know any animals, and truthfully, they scare the hell out of me. They are actually my one enduring lifelong recurrent nightmare.
Anyway – she breezed past my objections and said oh- sure , I know, I know, but ask him anyway. So that night when I slipped into the bathtub (I’m a cancer) I asked Sammy the cat  (telepathic-ly) could Betsy get a dog and before I got the word “dog” out- Sammy a turned around and SCREAMED at my with his little triangle mouth: “Don’t even THINK about it”. I started to laugh. And thought that was the end of the reading.

But Sammy woke me up during the night and said “maybe another cat would be alright.”   The amazing thing is that Sammy then proceed to “cross over”  3 days later.  He hadn’t been sick.  I think he felt that if they were no longer devoted to him – then it was time to move on and go. And so he did.

I have spent my life thinking about all this.  Two more parts of this mystery are:

1.  As I alluded to before I have always dreamed in animals. Everything and everyone was an animal. And all these animals were menacing. Scary. All could and would turn on me in an instant.  House cats could try and claw my face off and dogs were always chasing me down ready to rip my throat out. So animals were a terror for me.

2.  I never had an animal. I never owned one or took care of one .  I am highly allergic to cats and here I am working with them on the inner plane doing healing work. Mostly for the pet owners who remain on this side and miss their pets desperately. But I also read live animals for behavioral and idiosyncratic problems.

I have not sorted out any of the above mystery. But maybe someday it will be given to me.  Why an entity so feared and dreaded has become my guide- I really can’t say now.
In the meantime, I have put together a blog entitled:
“Animals Speak to Me” because the folks who find out what I do always want to know- if they speak to you – what do they say?
So I am presenting some readings I’ve done to help clients with either the animals’ crossing or what the animal needs on this side.

Thanks for reading this.  Please leave any comments you’d like. I ‘d love to hear from you.


6 Responses to “Linda Clayton, animal communicator, tells how the psychic thing started:”

  1. 1 emily guzman

    has being psychic made your life better or worse?

    • Thank you for such a thoughtful question.

      Better or worse. Def. better because I think we’re all on the planet to love and help each other. And
      this gives me a way to help that maybe others can’t get to. And it definitely helps folks who have lost their pets or who have had to “put them down” because they finally find closure.

      Better in other ways personally too. Better to know about car accidents in advance. Better with
      your kids (just looking at them passes you a lot of information) better with health problems and one
      thing just leads to another – the psychic to the mediumship – etc. and life is very exciting.

      It is as if you open your front door every morning and there is a new gift there. You can open it and look at it and enjoy it but it is not for you. And my work, as i see it is to figure out who the gift is for. That’s why I have gone on Facebook, to try and reach some folks who need this gift.

      But thanks again for your question.
      Linda Clayton

    • 3 Stephanie Sager

      My dog Cisco went missing Nov 9th. I had him for 8 yrs. & He never left home. I so desperately would like to know what happened to him. Did he get hit by a car & die or did someone pick him up.

      • Hi Stephanie: I don’t know when you left a message on the site But I’m answering you now. I hope you found your dog Cisco. Could you let me know on that. Locating lost animals is a specialized area and those who do it spend many many hours working with a pet. It is generally very expensive.I don’t do it, although I have. I tracked a dog in northern vt. who was out for 13 days in the dead of winter. Eventually he was found and it ended well. The owners had hung posters over a large area and the finding was in response to those posters.
        I hope Cisco is ok.
        My best to you.
        Linda Clayton

  2. 5 Valerie Valentine

    I know that you can talk to animals why not make a big name for your self and help animals that are in danger, what I mean in danger is the feral cats no body wants them and the Humane society destroys them and people poison them shoot them and these poor animals have very few people to help save them. If you can just work with them and let them no that there are people that do care just maybe they can have a chance for adoption. Oh please I help by feeding feral cats I’m not rich but I do the best I can. Just think if you can help them you would become the cat whisperer. Yeah you can still do reading and more people will come to you because the word will get out that you save feral cats and a lot of people will look up to you that love animals. I’m not asking for your help for the ones I got but I’m thinking of a bigger scale. Please take it in consideration and think about the lives you will be saving in the process. My goodness you will probably get your own TV show and then you would not have to charge people they will pay you. Please think about it I have a friend who traps these feral cats and even though they are better off with her the stress they go through by being afraid when they are in the traps. You will also be like a therapist for animals and you can charge way more. Please if there is anyone who needs your service more it is these poor misunderstood feral cats,

  3. 6 Tricia

    Animals talk to me too. Not all of them. just some of them. Example: I was petting my neice’s pug (she has two of them), and I received a message so quickly, I took a deep breath, and said..”this dog just told me he is better looking than the other pug.” The owners laughed and said they tell him that all of the time, because he is jealous of the newer dog.
    Another time, I was walking down the street and saw a woman walking a bulldog. I asked if I could pet her dog. She said..”yes”. The moment I touched the bulldog, I felt a quick impression..”I’m famous!”.
    I asked the owner…is this dog famous? She said the dog has been in a couple of commercials. I thought..maybe I recognized the dog, but I didn’t remember seeing a her in a commercial.
    Another time…A co-worker showed me a pix of his brand new nephew.
    There was a dog in the photo. I got the instant impression. that this dog thinks the baby is his baby. He will always protect this baby and..he is very proud of this baby. I’ve had other impressions from cats and other animals…I don’t know how to enhance it. But, I’m studying about it.

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