A reading for Barbara and Bill on their 12 year old black lab. The words written in italics are the responses from Barbara and Bill.

Transmission from Bayfield the dog in a reading by Linda Clayton:


I was a very handsome dog.

I like to watch people building things on the floor
He watches the grandchildren play legos.

There was a lighter color dog that was my friend
yes, Tonka the dog is part of the extended family.

I saw Bayfield smoking! Holding a cigarette between 2 toes.
blue means I (Linda) saw this image

May want a slipper to bite.
yes, he carries shoes around the house and out into the woods.

Like watching little things like turtles in the pond
yes in the pond near the road

Shows me a large square sheet with colors above him.
Barbara and Bill don’t know what that is, neither do I.

They ask me to tell him that they love him and I do.


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