Sadie Likes Purple

The bold text is the reading from Linda Clayton, pet psychic. The lighter print is commentary from Jill – Sadie’s companion.


Linda Clayton’s “reading” of Sadie, November 22, 2009
Sadie “came in right away.” This means that she was eager to “talk”
She likes to lick things
(this is true, especially me. Also herself)
She likes to charge around things in a circle. A lot of running. Exuberant.
(It took me awhile to figure this one out.  It is about running the agility jumps at Lois’s (her dog trainer). It is around in a circle, and she clearly likes it and is good at it. I liked that Sadie phrased it this way, the way she clearly sees it; it makes me believe in Linda)
Likes to eat- it looks like cereal and milk. Something crunchy with something liquid.
(She likes to eat. Period. Maybe this specifically because she had my leavings of exactly this that morning)
Thinks it’s interesting to “step in a muddy area”.
(She certainly likes to drink and like down in muddy pools of water on our walks. I thought it was the water she liked, but maybe it is standing in the mud underneath)
Slides. Skating. Rink.
(Not sure what this means. Linda suggests some kind of skating)
When asked about her past, Sadie at first shook her head like she didn’t want to get into it.    A lot of noise and dragging things on floor. Smoke.  Chaotic. Didn’t know where to sleep.
(Linda said “Maybe a crack house.” Not sure why she said that, but I trust her instincts. In any case, maybe this early experience is what makes Sadie crazy when people are moving around in the house? She is fine when visitors are seated and obviously likes people, but when several people are moving around, she gets agitated.
“I like bologna”. (Sadie the dog said this)
(I never have bologna to give her, so this mystified me. Then I remembered that I used to buy baloney for her when she had first come to me and I was trying to get her comfortable in the car. Clearly, this is a favorite memory about my leaving and coming back, with delicious treat in hand)
Keep seeing something on her head
(I love the smooth top of her head and often kiss and stroke her there)
She likes to look through blinds to the outside
(At first mystifying, as I have no blinds. But then I thought of her looking through the window of the car, which she loves to do. Never sleeps, just sits up and looks, even on our long trip to Georgia. So maybe she meant window, not blinds?)
Likes purple liquid
(Can’t figure this one out although dogs see yellow, blue, and violet)
She does not like walking on hot surfaces
(Still working on this one. Maybe she likes the road in summer, when it is hot, rather than the road in winter, when it is cold and often icy. She gets snow in her paws and has to lie down to have it dug out)
She watches me sleep. And when she communicated this to Linda, she smiled.
(This makes me weep).

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