Dee Dee the fabulous rescue dog


Reading of Dee Dee the Dog.

Female. Gabrielle and Matteo’s dog.

Q: from owners:  (she is a rescue dog) – what was her past?
Linda: I see circles. She runs in circles. Looks like a carnival. See swimming.  Hats. She walks thru many doors. See an oval rag rug.  Also see a fish.

Q: from owners: any special requests?
Linda: potato chips – crunchy.  Likes to lie on a bed under the light. Likes riding with face out the window — likes the air.  Also likes music.

Q: from owners:  jumping on people
Linda: wants to be higher.  Don’t jump.  Dee says “aw-alright”

Matteo asks if DeeDee forgives some event.  Dee Dee doesn’t acknowledge anything needing attention or forgiveness.

She says: “love” my new home.
Want to walk more on a leash.  Go for walks more.

Any messages: she yells hot dogs.  I like hot dogs. and says “pleased as punch”

When questioned again about where she came from:  Abandoned, wet.  stayed in a lean to. Another dog there. Green collar.  See shoes go by, shows me shoes like she’s under something.  I see a lot of rain. I don’t feel any human emotion from this. Not scared or tired.  She also shows me another house with an older lady and the oval rag rug.  Big window.  Dee Dee sits and looks out.  The owner got old and couldn’t keep her.

Dee Dee’s back right leg was hurt.

Tells Gabrielle and Matteo she loves them and then show a slight smile.  Very happy and very smug.


2 Responses to “Dee Dee the fabulous rescue dog”

  1. Dee Dee is a rescue dog that we got from a shelter in Pennsylvania. She has a quirky, delightful personality. It was intriguing to hear her back story, and oddly, it correlated with what I’d imagined, though with more details and visuals. I love that she said she’s “pleased as punch!” and told us, “HOT DOGS! I love hot dogs!”
    Thank you, Linda, for your kind, gentle gift of communicating the love our pet feels for us, and sharing the images from her past.

  2. 2 matteo

    I really liked how the reading gives you a whole new perspective on your dog.
    and I was excited to learn that Dee Dee likes crunchy potato chips!
    It was fun to hear about how she used to sit and look out a big picture window in the old lady’s house.
    She loves doing that at our house too! She watches the traffic and people going by, and when she sees other dogs she goes crazy and barks at them.

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