Mathilda the Chihuahua’s reading


Q. from owners: why is she afraid of children under 3 years old?

When I asked Mathilda if I could talk to her, she started running in circles with happiness (to think I wanted to talk to her).  She waited for me to ask her questions (which is unusual since most animals just start talking and showing me things). So I asked if she was happy.

She shakes her head vigorously up and down. Shows me her right front paw and starts licking it. Underneath. The foot part. Like she was licking an ice cream cone. Maybe wants more ice cream.  (I asked if she is given ice cream and Paola doesn’t know. I think one of the children has given her some and she wants more). Mathilda shows me an oval bed on the floor sort of white with some pastel colors.

says she doesn’t like this bed. (Paola says yes, she doesn’t) Shows me sleeping next to Paola and her husband. (yes)  She likes looking in the refridgerator. (yes, they hold her up). Hates rain. (yes) Doesn’t like when the floor gets wet. Asked why she doesn’t like babies and my right ear started to itch. I think she was saying they’re too noisy, also shows me that they throw things on her.

I think her skin itches around her eyebrows.  Likes to lie in the sun in the house, like in a shaft of sun.(yes)  Sends love by blowing kisses

and fades out.


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