SKYE the Australian Sheep Dog



Female.  Reading for Vashti
No particular question from Vashti.  She just asked if I could check in with Skye.

Linda: I asked if I could talk to her (Skye) and she shook her head vigorously yes.

She showed me bones

(comments in red from Vashti in response to this reading)   Likes them!

She shows  me a parachute or something falling from the sky.

I see sand underfoot which she likes (they just moved from Cape Cod)

She was with a horse and misses it.  (Yes) Likes being with large animals. (yes)

When told Vashti and her family are not going to move again. She said she knows.

Ends by showing me that she loves music. That she sits/lies in the doorway when she hears music.

(I found out later that Vashti is a musician and a singer !)

I am shown a high angle in a barn – looking down from the left. A stream or a river there. She felt free there.


Skye puts 2 paws over her heart. Showing me that she loves Vashti.


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