Brownie the Dog and Trout the Cat


photoQuestions from Gina about Trout the Cat. Gina is concerned that Trout vomits a lot. She is a rescue cat.
The reading: I asked Trout if she would come in and talk to me. She did, immediately. She feels like she has been very wild in her life. She didn’t want anyone to touch her. She showed me acrobatics to get away from being touched. (Gina says yes, she was found as an abandoned kitty in a basement)
Trout shows me that she likes fish. I just got a symbol of fish. (Gina at first thought that it was because of her cat food but then called back to tell me that she sits and looks at fish
in a tank for long periods of time.)
Trout shows me there is a warm scarf she likes in the red tones. She likes to wrap up in it and lie in it. Gina: Yes:
it’s in the bottom of the closet. A sort of magenta color.
The healthy reading: Trout shows me that she holds her stomach. nausceous. sea sick/dizzy. She doesn’t bother about or care about her teeth. It’s not what’s bothering her. I see something in the back of her skull. I don’t know what. I think she may not be very healthy. I tell her you love her and she smiles and shakes her head yes and crosses her two paws over her heart and then walks away.
Will post how this works out with Trout and Gina. This is a new reading of only a few days ago.


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