This reading was requested by Jenn on her 15 year old rescue dog Kachina:


 Kachina -- The Lure Coursing Champion                  KACHINA the dog

She comes in immediately . Shows me she’s tired. Shows me she’s shaking something. Looks like something that might have stones or change in it. i don’t know what this is. Neither does Jenn

Likes looking out the window. Sees small forms (children) walking across the street or at a distance. Jenn says they live across the street from a school and she does look out that front window.

Shows me the colors of their coats but I missed it. she sort of went onto the next thing so fast. (I realized later that one of the colors of a coat was a turquoise and Jenn who is an animal trainer said that animals see blue and yellow and are missing the cones to see red and green)

shows me that she used to like to race around even inside. that she was a good runner. Jenn says she was a “lure coursing” champion when she was younger. So she WAS a good runner.

I heard the word POP. I don’t know if that’s something she likes to eat or an anatomical sound. ?

i asked if she’s ok now. she lies down and snorts our of her nose. exhales. like content. I wonder if she’s getting ready to cross over. She won’t get up from this position. she sends a big message from her chest typed out that says thank you. i think she wants me to tell you that she’s beginning to cross over.
very loving dog. loves you. thanking you.  Jenn says that she is prepared to hear that the dog is preparing to cross. She felt that and this reading confirms it.  She intuited it.

My own (Linda Clayton’s) addendum: Animals are NOT afraid of death. Kachina indicated that she was about to cross by not getting up in the reading. Just lying down and staying down. I asked her (with my mind) if she would stand up and she didn’t respond or react. I believe that is her way of telling me to tell her owner that she is ready to cross. They show this very matter of factly. No emotions.

They make me proud to know them. If they could only show all of us how to react this way with calm and dignity we could learn so much from them.

Reading ended the way most readings end. They just fade. It’s as if someone pulled the plug between us – the energy plug.

reading fades. is over.

Jenn S., a superb dog trainer,  runs  True Blue Dog Training in Haydonville, MA.

She wanted to make sure that Kachina was comfortable at this stage in her life.


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