Daisy Girl


IMG_0719Today I communicated with the very loving Daisy Girl, a rescued Chihuahua. Her human companion Sue was concerned about Daisy Girl’s diarrhea. This is a log of the reading. Anything in red is a response Sue gave after the reading.

Daisy Girl comes in immediately holding her belly –like ‘I have a belly ache.’ She was holding her front legs around and under her belly. (Like a pregnant woman holds a big belly.)  She shows me she’s just feeling lousy.  Not serious.  She doesn’t like the food you’re giving her. (Sue says she just changed her food to something new.)  There’s some red liquid that she’s taken or eaten. She shows me that. Like from a dropper? (Not sure what that is…) She wants to be on your lap, but she’s concerned about pooping on it and that you won’t want her to sit there. Shows me that she’s more comfortable lying on her left side.  she likes to eat orange crunchy things. (You give her these).  Something about her water.  Wants it changed more often I think.  Likes to sit next to you when you read, (yes) It looks like a book. She snuggles right up close. She knows you’ll be there for a while and she likes that. Shows me her ears. very acute hearing.   “So happy”  Don’t worry about bad stomach. temporary.  smiles at you. fades.

Turns out that Daisy was better the next day and this is what Sue had to say after the reading.

I recently brought my dog, Daisy, from California to Atlanta, GA and she seemed to settle in nicely. About three weeks after her arrival she began to demonstrate stomach upset and a general malaise that concerned me.

My daughter suggested I call Linda and she did a reading on Daisy that indicated she didn’t like the food she was eating (cooked chicken w/veggies) and wanted ‘something crunchy’. I eliminated the chicken and increased her crunch kibble and Daisy was well within two days.  Linda also told me that Daisy had a disturbance in her left ear and I discovered it was a minor infection.

Linda was amazingly accurate in her reading and to tell you the truth, I would never have gone to an Animal Reader had my daughter not suggested it. The next time Daisy has a problem, I’m calling Linda!


One Response to “Daisy Girl”

  1. Linda,

    Sounds like the reading went well, and that you’re still attuned to the process. Good luck with them. Hope you and Charles are well.


    On Fri, 10 Apr 2015 15:18:12 +0000

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