Molly The Horse


An Amazing Communicator !

An Amazing Communicator !


Shows me a time when she used to have a lot of energy. Not feeling that way anymore.  she puts her front legs around me, signifying that she wants to communicate.  Immediately indicates her“toes” on front left hoof bother her.  She shows me that she rode in a boat once by flashing me a picture of her standing up in small row boat. (This is  an ASTOUNDING communication . Eileen – Molly’s person, told me that she used to sing to her when she was a younger horse a sort of nursery rhyme that said she’d sail her over the water on a boat… and Molly REMEMBERED this and mirrored it back to me years later !!)

The reading goes on and Molly shows me her flashing her tail around. wants Eileen to cheer up. feels you have been blue.  wants you to ride her.  wants you to wear a hat you have worn riding. she likes it.  She says she doesn’t mind jumping low branches. But no longer wants to do show jumping.  I see a bug crawling up her left leg, over the knee. yes, happy in the barn.  stepped on something there that alarmed her.  said she likes Leah.  likes to stand next to leah. parallel. heads in same direction. likes to go to fairs?  smells the food there. q: is she ok?  she shows me a basket with the handle that goes over your arm.  would like to graze more. shows me little white flowers and how she likes eating those. likes the color of BERYL. sends you love, great hearts flying out of her chest. i tell her you love her and she shakes her head up and down. she knows.

Just absolutely amazing. Imagine singing to a young animal and YEARS later hearing that they remember the song, the words and the meaning  and can transmit it back to you!!!


NOTE FROM LINDA CLAYTON: I find this all to be the most meaningful work I have ever done. To be able to tell the people what their animals want and need is deep and satisfying. I have been a psychic, a medium, have seen people at a distance and have done distance healings and this tops them all.  I have lost my heart to these magnificent, beautiful animals. They are so willing to be open.   The shock is also how affected they are by their rider’s moods and temperaments. The horses know immediately if their rider is nervous or sad or sick. They often mirror the mood of their rider, as dogs and cats also take on the emotional feel in their house.


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