Series | 8 Horses in One Barn | Part 2 – Jax


Jax the Horse

JaxI started with Jax who is playful. Grabs me from the back and puts his front legs around me and is sort of wrestling.  Likes silly things. into fun. I ask him how he’s doing and he shows me he’s very smart. he shows me this by putting on glasses and having papers in front of him that he is reading.  You (his rider)  could challenge him more in terms of memory and routines. He would like that because he wants the chance to show off his brilliant brain.

He also likes finding berries in the grasses. He did find a little unexpected animal in a bush once which he loved.   he’s a loner tho.  Happy to be on his own.

As is apparent immediately – each horse has his/her own personality. Jax is a loner. Likes being alone. Is proud of how smart he is and wants to be asked to do and remember a more challenging course. It seems amazing that they know and can transmit what their needs are so instantaneously.


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