Series | 8 Horses in One Barn | Part 3 – Caroline


“This is a continuation of my series of posts titled ‘8 horses in one barn’. For the full introduction, go HERE“.

Caroline the Horse:

CarolineShe is used to carrying things. She liked this. I see boxes.  She immediately gets into what physically bothers her. Her back left leg on the inside.  Her front left leg on the inside.  He head itches at the top near my hairline.  I have a cough or have had one. I hear coughing.  I feel lazy. I don’t feel like doing much.  I see the others going and coming and she’s not that interested in that either.  I see a ring and a crop.  I don’t mind being in a ring and going in a circle.  it’s calming. I am pretty itchy all over. I see a scale I might have to get on. Is there a concern about her weight.?

I ask her how she feels and i get the same itchy spots which are annoying. Now another one on the outside of the back right leg.  I ask what she has fun doing  and now my tongue and my left right foot itch.   She asks not to have that saddle blanket put on her. she doesn’t like it.  i ask if she can be ridden without a saddle and she says yes enthusiastically.   I ask her about her food.  She doesn’t like what she’s eating. she won’t go close to it and show me.  she more points like it’s over there.  She shows me she wants brown mushy food .  I ask who her friends are and she shows me a smaller horse– who is laid back.

I was told there WAS a concern with her weight and that they were preparing to weigh her. Amazing that she would know that and communicate that. I told her rider about Caroline’s allergy to the saddle pad which they realized was the wrong one and could understand how it would annoy her. So they changed it. I hear she is no longer itchy.


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