Series | 8 Horses in One Barn | Part 4 – Reuben


“This is a continuation of my series of posts titled ‘8 horses in one barn’. For the full introduction, go HERE“.

Reuben the Horse

ReubenReuben is not talking much which is a surprise to me since I expected him to be very intense and have a lot to say. I ask what he likes to do:  (this is like being at a cocktail party with interesting people and no one is talking to anyone else). says likes the sunny sky and the blue sky and my butts.  Feels good with sturdy legs. likes his legs. He has keen hearing in the right ear especially. Still getting very little conversation from him. I ask who his friends are: he’s showing me a black and white horse, mostly white. seems to love that horse. shows me their noses together eating. He would like to be closer to that horse.  He also likes flower and would like to have some in his stall. I have the feeling this is a visual horse. A sort of artist. He’s interested in sky’s and textures and flowers and I don’t think it is the flowers as food. I think if we gave him a paintbrush he’d be able to surprise everyone. He seems somewhat slow moving in his work but when he gets out into the field on his own, he’s a good mover. I also hear him humming. I think we have a dancer here too.  He might like some swing music on softly in his stall.

I ask if there is any message for A. his rider:  He shows me a big block of hay (?) likes that.  happy it’s warming up. likes the warmer weather.  i see a small hunk of ice. likes that. he’s getting into treats now:  he is showing me little pepperidge farms fish crackers.  and ice cream in a cone.  This guy likes his junk food.  I ask about A. again:   He likes when she swings up onto his back.  He thinks they look good together.  He wants you to look out for low hanging branches. likes riding in a low stream. likes the water on his hooves and legs.  would like a snack after he gets back in from that kind of ride. He also likes having his neck brushed.  He shows me that he sniffs the brush. Maybe he’s saying they need cleaning?  Kisses you near your ear.  trots off into the sunlight.

Amazing that some horses are more artistic than other horses as is the case with humans. AND that he recognizes this and can transmit it to me. Also amazing is how many animals like music and they are happy to tell you what kind. I read a dog who liked “the horns”.

  The animals treat me like I’m not that smart. Many of them have an attitude like – WELL DUDE WHAT DO YOU THINK I’M TRYING TO SAY?!!  They also treat me like I am a waitress as you see in the above reading. They start firing off food preferences. As you can see, Reuben likes his junk food. You wonder where he got these bites or when.


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