Series | 8 Horses in One Barn | Part 7 – Carson


“This is a continuation of my series of posts titled ‘8 horses in one barn’. For the full introduction, go HERE“.

Carson the Horse

CarsonCarson shows me him boxing immediately. He must not mind fighting.  Says that’s the way he used to be. Not anymore.  I ask  why it changed for him and he said he “got old”. He immediately lets me know that he is annoyed by flies.  they bug him. I ask how he’s feeling:  flies up over his left eye.   He has stepped in something liquid that he didn’t like.  “yuk” He would like to dry his foot or leg.  He’s very athletic. I see this by him showing me he does back flips. I ask why he’s scared of most people: He thinks they stand too close to him. He doesn’t like it.   “MOVE BACK!” he yells.  He get cranky about this. I ask what has happened to him:  he said he’s not showing us.  I have the feeling it was not good news and he doesn’t want to dwell on it.  I ask why he won’t jump over the flowers. He said he doesn’t recall that.

There are a lot of times he doesn’t feeling like jumping so he didn’t put that together into not wanting to jump over flowers. He is also suspicious of bees. He has stepped on a bee and got stung.  HURT.  Any message for S. or her daughter?  Shows me something leaning up against his right side in his stall. He doesn’t like this either.   He is very grateful for the food and love.  He wishes he had some of his old friends with him.   “I’d show them!”


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