Series | 8 Horses in One Barn | Part 8 – Versailles


“This is a continuation of my series of posts titled ‘8 horses in one barn’. For the full introduction, go HERE“.

Versailles the Horse


Versailles doesn’t want to come in. She is struggling. Sort of running backwards or paddling backwards.  I tell her I will come and see her later. She is relieved.  She relaxes.  I come in later and she is running around in a circle.  I tell her I love her and just want to talk to her.  Then she’s bouncing like she’s on a pogo stick.  I’m feeling like she’s a nervous wreck.  I tell her that I’ll come back again later once again. I visit her a day later and she is sitting down with her back legs folded.  It is like she has given up and acknowledges she’s ready to talk to me. I tell her we’ll have fun and she cheers up. I ask her shy she was so upset.  She is afraid I was going to take her away to somewhere else.  NOO~ I tell her and she relaxes again.  She starts crying. with relief. She says I love it here.  She is now completely calm. I ask her to show me where she lives and she holds my hand and takes me like a child.  I see a stall with a little seat in it. and a light that hangs above her head and a brown stripped saddle blanket? and some small pictures on her wall. she loves it there.  I ask if she’s feeling good.  Left front shoulder can get funky. nothing important.  Gets occasional belly aches.   She switches away and starts to tell me things about the other horses. She thinks the hats (fly hats?) are ridiculous. She thinks what goes on at the other end of the barn is interesting although she can’t quiet see what it is or doesn’t show me.  I do feel somewhat itchy.

Especially my face and inner elbow. my face around the mouth. and right cheek.  Least favorite part of horse show?  The waiting around.    Missing in my life? I’d like a companion. Maybe a small horse or a donkey. Or a green bird who would ride with me on my rump. She is a self sufficient horse. happy to be on her own.  Hears music and likes it.  see her turning in circles backwards. having fun.

  This reading was one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever done.  To see her somewhat frantic that I wanted to talk to her. She was afraid I was going to take her away and she said she loved it in the barn. She had been a rescue horse. It was so touching, it made me cry too. If you ever see a horse crying you’d remember it.


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