Champion Communicator


image4Nickers is delighted to come in and talk. She likes her outfits. She showed me that even before the reading began. She feels like it sets her apart. It gives her a “look.’ She wants to cooperate with this reading and is trying hard. Told me immediately that she needs glasses. Her eyesight “isn’t what it used to be.” I ask her about physical problems. She’s also having some trouble with light and shadows. Right front shoulder is getting stiff. She gets a pain in it sometimes. I asked her if it bothers her and she gives me this answer like – well – yes! Also right ear seems a little blocked or clogged. Doesn’t hear as well in that ear. Reading fades a little. I ask her if I should come back later and she said no and tried to pull it together to keep going. There are some flies or bugs around her back near her tail that bother her. She shows me a striped blanket that I think you put under her saddle that she likes. Stripes. Maybe a browny tan color with red narrow stripes. She is very interested in how she looks. She is feeling a little lazy. Likes being in the field. Grazing. Keeps showing me clover. ? I ask about her food: no complaints. Someone has given her a bar wrapped in paper and she liked that. Wants more. Would like to have a long thin thing that you hang and she chews or licks. It looks like a piece of fly paper to me. But then she let me know that that’s not right and she tells me “let’s move on to the next.”
I ask her why she wants to “bolt” after her jump: she seems to want to get it over with. It doesn’t feel like she likes this that much. I keep seeing her grazing in the field. But she’ll do the drill for you. She loves you too. She likes to put her head next to yours. She seems to have a sense of humor.
Like to be ridden as a school horse? Yes, doesn’t mind. Moving slowly these days. Suits her. Ask her about the other horses: saw a streak of blue lightning go between her and another horse. She seems not to like the way they smell.
– She likes when you do her mane into like a hairdo. Sort of a pony tail up there.
In general, she’s a bit like Ferdinand the Bull, not high in energy. Wants to do a little jumping but has no great interest in it.
I ask any wants/desires on her part? She shows me she’d like to just hang out with you. She showed me you sitting next to her just doing something (game?- can’t tell.) She likes looking out her window and likes to see the skies. She’d like some music. I listen for what kind of music she wants but I don’t hear it. I just know it’s soft.
Last question is: about owning her: she does’t care who owns her. She just wants to be with you.
I send her your love and thank her for coming in.
She feels very good about this reading. Proud.

Linda’s note: This is one of the most amazing readings I have ever done. Who said animals don’t know what they look like? Or smell like? Or don’t see colors? Nickers is a supreme communicator. She showed me the blanket she likes that her owner made for her, which goes under the saddle, and the colors of that blanket (browns and tans with some red.) Her owner said she is known in the barn for smelling good and she KNOWS THAT ! She knows what she looks like and what she smells like. Her owner monograms some of the pieces that she wears (that’s her family business) and at one point she wouldn’t go out in some pieces that were put on her that she felt weren’t ‘right’. 
The owner only found out that someone was giving her fruit wraps thru this reading. The part of about my trying to understand what that long thin thing was that she was chewing or licking She realized I wasn’t getting what she was trying to show me and she just waved me off and said in an exasperated way – “oh – forget it and just move on to the next”. Many of the horses treat me like I’m not that smart. It’s very funny to me.

Note from her owner/rider. (Karen)

I wanted to thank you for your recent reading of Nickers. Many of the things that you told me were so true. The fact that she likes how she smells was amazing because what her and I are known for at the barn is how nice she smells! After grooming she gets a spray of Marigold or lavender or most recently a home-made mint rinse. Everyone always says ” we know Karen’s here because we can smell Nickers” or ” Nickers always smells so nice ”

I have always “felt” that she enjoys looking good. I have bought her many things and since my husband and I own our own embroidery business she always gets her name put on them. I was glad to hear that she likes all her things and that it makes her feel special…..that was my intent too.

The clover field and hanging out together was spot on. When she was laid up with a foot abscess , I would walk her down to this little area filled with clover and an apple tree so she could get outside and graze. We still go there after her baths so she can dry in the sun.

I found out that the camp kids were feeding her fruit roll ups the week before and I believe that was the treat in the paper and the fly paper vision that you were getting. Evidently she loved them! And I did replace her salt lick that hangs in her stall.


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