Bandit, the dog.



I ask Bandit to come in. Bandit is a love bug. He rolls up in your arms. He has an unusual and funny bark. He likes the sound of it. His hearing is VERY keen. He hears tires and wheels on the road outside. I am also hearing a squeek toy. His back end stops shaking long after his front end. He shows me that. I ask him how he feels: hearing again very keen in right ear. My right ear makes me very alert.
The reading fades and I tell Buster I will come back to him in a short time and that he should practice talking to me. Very quiet.

I check back in. He comes in again and tells me a right front tooth bothers him. Not enough to do anything about. He is showing me a rug or a towel in a dark print that he likes or uses. Also shows me what looks like little eggs or balls that roll around on the floor. I am hearing that he likes the rain. the water. There is some game he plays where he lifts off of all feet at the same time. There is a child he watches. I ask why he won’t let me sit by the front window: I don’t like it there. The light bothers my eyes.
I am very proud of how soft my fur is. I love being patted and admired. I feel very playful and quite silly. I ask about food: I would rather have something that seems like food from a can. But likes/wants hot dogs. Also wants you to check his water to see if it’s clean, and filled up. I’m seeing something purplish that looks like it’s dripping down some window and i have NO IDEA what this is. He likes the warm weather. He’s ready for summer. I ask if he has any friends: he shows me only what looks like a turtle.

I ask if he has a message for you: he wants you to keep going. He loves being with you. He likes to watch you as you sit on your chair or on the sofa. He sees orbs behind you. This is a mystical dog. He checks back in with me to make sure I have told you how much he loves you. He feels that he might be a pain once in a while but wants you to forgive him. He giggles.

Linda’s notes: He DOES have a funny bark and a funny way of shaking where te front is sort of independent of the back end. K acknowledges the dark towel he likes.
Buster does not allow K. to sit under the front window and she never understood why. Here he says ‘the light bothers my eyes’. K says he is fastidious about his water and she changes it often. K. also says that he IS pretty crazy sometimes and probably (what he sees as a pain)— and so he’s right. But there is this sweetness about him and asks to be forgiven for that. As for the ORBS (flat little circles of energy that are visible only in certain dim lights and usually only in the evenings) animals do see these and he was really looking at some down the dark hall at night. I knew Bandit was looking at something fascinating because he would not be distracted. He was hyper-staring if there is such a thing. Dogs bark at these things that people don’t even see. i never encountered an animal who is hooked into that part of the universal spectrum before. Very few people can see orbs. They are occasionally visible on film at night as flat round balls.


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