Sweet Viggo and Training



img-20160531-wa0002Q: Here is a picture of Viggo. He is a 5 year old German bred Long Coated German Shepherd male. The most important thing I would like to hear from him is if he feels healthy and strong enough mentally and physically to complete the training we are doing. And what would be the best way to motivate him to proceed. Also if he has any physical limitations.

I ask Viggo to come in : He is full of energy. Jumping and playing. But I feel like something has hit him in the head. He is not quite the same as he used to be. He loves being outside especially in the cold weather. likes the snow. He would like to carry something. If you put saddlebag kind of thing on him he would like that. I saw it with small books in it. He’s a sweet dog with a sweet temperament. I don’t hear much barking. Speaking of barking, his throat seems to bother him, what humans would describe as a sore throat. Back right hip not so good. that bothers him too. I ask about food: said he wants more. Stares into the bowl like – that’s all!! Wants more of what you’re giving him. No complaints about what it is, just the amount. Yes, wants to continue with the training. He’s competitive. Best way to motivate him: wants to rest when done. Says he will work hard but wants to rest hard too. He likes looking at what looks like TV or some screen, with you on a couch. I also see him eating what looks like a peach. Round. a fruit. He wants that. Maybe it’s an apple. Likes the beach. and running thru the water. I ask if there is any message for Carol: he likes the training. If he slows down it’s because of his hip. I also like lying in a puddle or small amount of water. It feels good on my belly. I hear baby chicks. like the sound. am interested in that. i could get close, i won’t hurt them. He loves you and wants you to rest. He says again you need to rest. He wants to rest with you. He likes your eyes. They are “kind eyes”. I am seeing people jumping rope and is very curious about this. I pat him in long strokes and he likes this a lot. I ask if there is anything else he wants to say: doesn’t like hot pavement. hard on his paws. and he likes the smells of fall. sends you love.

Comments from Linda: The issue in this reading was to help his person decide if Viggo wanted to continue with his rigorous training program. Viggo doesn’t mind working hard and this was helpful to her, to know that he was not being pushed. She feels good to know she’s not pushing him too hard. Also, she said he was hit in the head but didn’t know it had a lasting impact. He does want more food but since he’s in training, he’s food restricted. He loves watching TV with her on the couch. He watches the birds outside and she says he does much better in the fall. At the close of the reading he asked for ‘chicken soup’ – having to do with his sore throat. This is a sweet, very hard working dog.


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