Sonny the cat: Still nervous from the move to his new house.


Sonny is still little nervous from the move.  He has not yet relaxed. He shows his anxiety to running across the floor. It is half fun and half getting rid of the nerves. He is very happy with you. He wanted me to tell you that immediately. He is showing me something about steps like picking his front paws up higher than necessary. He thinks this is amusing.  He seems to keep his back to you occasionally.  Not sure what the reason is.  I ask about his other owners.  I see a death. He knew he was going to go to a new place. I see a woman. Very devoted. Both to each other. I ask if he knows he’s going to stay with you.. He’s relieved to hear that. He didn’t know.  He’s sad to hear you’re going away for 2 weeks. He sort of collapsed. He said he’d wait for you to come back.  He told me he liked the name Sambo. He did not want to get close to you in case he wasn’t going to stay. I think he wiill be easier with you now.  I feel like he’s going to look around the house in a new way, finding his special spots. Looking for soft things and places. Wouldn’t mind being in a closet and private. Not used to a lot of commotion or stimuli.  Loves the purple toy. Really wouldn’t let me look at it, making sure i knew it was his.  He likes to- what looks like bounce. maybe off things. No, doesn’t need any other animals. said: “No dogs please.”

I ask how he’s feeling and do a body scan: my nose itches immediately.  back right hip area.  he meowed when i got there. throat bothers him. check for a growth or swelling.  right front paw bothers him a little. i ask if any of this is serious and he says no. Just complaining a little.  Something about his belly. I would have thought he was pregnant if he weren’t a male.  inside of back upper leg where it meets the body. something irritating there.

He said he wakes you up to make sure you are there. yes he will use the little door but is worried that you might close the door behind him. yes having enough to eat. wants something crunchy tho for a treat. maybe it’s yellow.  My back itches just below my right shoulder blade. I guess he wasn’t done telling me what his physical problems were. He wants bubbling water. he said “THAT”S A MUST”.  I can tell the reading is ending. It’s getting thin.  I ask if he has a message for you: he said “this is going to be a good one” meaning the relationship. I am seeing a little rubber ball (about 3 inches across that is very soft rubber. he’d like to play with this. He likes listening to the birds outside. Likes watching things blow around on the ground. I ask again for a message for you:  He said again he will wait for you. He loves you already and has relaxed since this reading has begun. I pat him with longs strokes and he stretches out on his side. Loving this. Smiles at me and the reading fades.

Note to Linda from Sonny’s person Rita:

Thank you, Linda, for the wonderful reading. We have begun calling our boy Sambo and he appears to approve. After I spoke with you, I immediately put together a bubbling fountain for him. He got so excited as I was filling it with water that he started with his love bites on my ankle and legs and foot. I finally had to tell him to stop. Oh my, he was so happy that I was fulfilling a request. I also put a new, larger bed in the closet. He slept in it last night, being able to fully stretch out. I am most happy that you were able to help him know that he is here to stay and that we are his family. Now I hope he can settle into his new life with confidence. Many thanks again. Your gift is a real blessing to us all.

Rita., Western Mass.

Note from Linda:

There are always amazing things in every reading, even to me. That Sonny said “this is going to be a good one” meaning this relationship is very comforting. He already knows, after being with Rita for only 2 weeks. This is the first animal who told me about where he lived before this. (He came from a shelter). He knew that his old companion had died, which she did. And the fact that he expresses “no dogs please” is amazing. If folks could consult their animals and check in with them, either new animals or animals that have been with them for a while, they could check on current likes and dislikes.  Seems like they’d have more peaceful homes.


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