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Sonny is still little nervous from the move.  He has not yet relaxed. He shows his anxiety to running across the floor. It is half fun and half getting rid of the nerves. He is very happy with you. He wanted me to tell you that immediately. He is showing me something about steps like […]

  Q: Here is a picture of Viggo. He is a 5 year old German bred Long Coated German Shepherd male. The most important thing I would like to hear from him is if he feels healthy and strong enough mentally and physically to complete the training we are doing. And what would be the […]

I ask Bandit to come in. Bandit is a love bug. He rolls up in your arms. He has an unusual and funny bark. He likes the sound of it. His hearing is VERY keen. He hears tires and wheels on the road outside. I am also hearing a squeek toy. His back end stops shaking […]

Who said animals don’t know what they look like? Or smell like? Or don’t see colors? Nickers is a supreme communicator.

Do you want to hear from your baby? Is your baby unhappy? Crying a lot? Seem to have “issues” at this young age? Linda Clayton connects with infants and young children whether they have speech or not. She is offering a free baby reading to 10 parents. If you are interested in more information about […]

The Beginning The call came in on a Tues. morning: Could I “read” 8 horses in one barn and we’d make a party of it. We would gather for lunch and have all 8 horses’ riders there to hear what their horses had to say.  All 8 riders knew each other and knew each others’ […]

Daisy Girl


Today I communicated with the very loving Daisy Girl, a rescued Chihuahua. Her human companion Sue was concerned about Daisy Girl’s diarrhea. This is a log of the reading. Anything in red is a response Sue gave after the reading. Daisy Girl comes in immediately holding her belly –like ‘I have a belly ache.’ She […]



This reading was requested by Jenn on her 15 year old rescue dog Kachina:                      KACHINA the dog She comes in immediately . Shows me she’s tired. Shows me she’s shaking something. Looks like something that might have stones or change in it. i don’t know […]

Female.  Reading for Vashti No particular question from Vashti.  She just asked if I could check in with Skye. Linda: I asked if I could talk to her (Skye) and she shook her head vigorously yes. She showed me bones (comments in red from Vashti in response to this reading)   Likes them! She shows […]

Q. from owners: why is she afraid of children under 3 years old? When I asked Mathilda if I could talk to her, she started running in circles with happiness (to think I wanted to talk to her).  She waited for me to ask her questions (which is unusual since most animals just start talking […]