After a preliminary phone call to gather very basic information, I connect with the animal. The reading lasts as long as the animal stays in touch with me or continues to give me information.  The animal DOES NOT have to be nearby.  I don’t need to “see” the animal.  I do all this work at a distance. So whether the animal is in New York or Central Asia, it is all the same to me.  My work is done on the inner plane. No such thing as distance there.

I type out the reading and will email it over to you but I will also call and talk to you about it.  There are nuances and mystical things often that need explanation. It’s very hard to write that up but words do help at that point. So, you’ll get both.

I communicate with pets (cats and dogs) both alive and those who have crossed over.  The key to bringing these animals thru is a passion for them on both the part of the owner and me.

The cost is in consideration of the initial phone call, the reading and the follow up phone call and e-mail.

Each reading is $125.

To arrange a reading please contact me at


2 Responses to “Readings”

  1. Hi Linda, At some point soon I’d like to have you communicate with my yorkie, Moose. He’s had nervous system issues since he’s been a pup and i’d like to see what else i can do to be helpful. I’ll contact you. Thanks. Patti

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