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It’s true. I hear from animals. Pets, both those alive and those who have crossed over. The common thread is the desire on the part of the pet owners to be in touch with the animals. Often, owners have questions about their pet’s health or behavior or habits. And just as often, the pets answer saying such funny things. They not only are full of love and compassion, they also can have an hysterically funny sense of humor.

I am certain you are all thinking – as I would – how do I know that she’s not making this up? Good question. But the answer is simple – it is that when I ask a question (silently and telepathically) the answer from the pet comes back to me almost before I am able to form the entire sentence. Transmissions come back in milli-seconds. No one’s imagination could work that fast. At least not mine. It comes in whole. It comes in sometimes in sounds and sometimes in images, in feelings, and even in words.  I write these messages down exactly how the words come to me. If I hear the words from the animal, I put quotes around them. Do read on to find out how I became sensitive to these transmissions. It’s an interesting story. I have had a dog who has spoken to me with a Cockney accent and one dog who told me he “plans.”

But I am getting ahead of myself. I am a psychic and a medium. A sensitive as they call it now. The psychic/mediumship came in because of a near-death experience when I was young. To call it a life changing experience is a huge understatement. It more pulls you up by your roots. I don’t mean to get spooky. It is a joyous gift. The gift of communicating with animals is the biggest surprise of all for me. I don’t have a pet, I never had a pet and to tell the truth, dogs scare the hell out of me. But growing up-my dream language was always in animals. I was always an animal and so was everyone else. I never understood why but am certain that it fits into the scheme and I will someday understand it.

As far as the rest of my life I live in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts with one husband and no dog.


6 Responses to “About Linda”

  1. 1 Carol Verigin

    Hi Linda,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your exceptional life experiences and how you’re using your wonderful gifts to assist others in many ways, especially how to better understand their companion pets. I believe animals are our teachers, and so few of them are truly honored and acknowledged for their unconditional love and incredible contributions to people’s lives.

    Similar to you, I’ve experienced and continued to develop an unexpected awareness dealing with psychic/intuitive/spiritual connections. My guides have revealed I am here to learn, and help others learn, to ‘honor all life.’ I primarily use my abilities to assist animals and people that have experienced traumas and excessive suffering. I’m always working to expand my abilities with interspecies communications, as well as various energetic healing practices dealing with sublte energies, which I find expansive and fascinating.

    Although my interests lie with working with animals (multidimensionally), I’ve been experiencing more and more connections with human entities that have crossed over. I’m not entirely sure why, but trust one day I’ll understand more of what I’m supposed to do with all this. Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted to read your comments relating to death as a joyful and wonderful experience–that resonates so completely with my experiences with both people and animals! I’m so glad you put it out there because we’re immersed in a culture that’s very fearful and generally repulsed by death. High time for a shift, eh?

    I’m contemplating a major transition to follow my heart and continue my work with interspecies communications and energetic healing, but notice time and again how many people are open and receptive to my specialized assistance, yet often feel no obligation to honor me by paying for my time and skills. I guess that’s all part of this changing and evolving consciousness, but I just wondered what your experience has been with regard to being supported financially for your time and unique expertise? My vision is to one day build a sanctuary where I can continue my own expansion while contributing to others’ greater awareness of honoring all life. It’s just reassuring to see others bringing forth this kind of sensitivity.

    Wishing you great blessings and success in the work you do!

    Warm Regards,


  2. I just finished reading your blog and have had personal experience with animal communicaters. if possible, I would like it if you could talk to one of my dogs and find out why it is so mean to the rest of the dogs.

    • Hi Paula: I just received your email from FIVE YEARS AGO. I was not aware that there was a place that comments came in and so I never saw it. I apologize. I would be happy to work with your dog. Please go to the part of the site labeled “About Linda”
      Thank you and again my apologies.
      Linda Clayton

  3. 6 Paula

    It is too late, the dog I was inquiring about got loose and died 2 years later in the wild. I had gotten in touch with another communicator and we had worked out the aggression issues. Thank you, anyway.

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