Series | 8 Horses in One Barn | Part 6 – Abelene


“This is a continuation of my series of posts titled ‘8 horses in one barn’. For the full introduction, go HERE

Abelene The Horse

AbeleneAbelene has a sense of humor.  She is s jokester.  She likes to do things and then take it back and say no, i was only kidding. She does quick steps with her feet, like dancing.  She shows me that she’s quick on her feet.  And likes to dance.  Sways side to side while her feet stay in the same place. Looks for a dark horse all one color beside her. it’s her friend. looks like a dark brown. they have fun together.  She shows me small children riding the other horse (the dark brown one) and she likes to be near them.  I ask her if she has any pain:   yes the right side of her head, ears , eye. I’m noting something about the blood.  She gets dizzy sometimes.  while she’s eating. I ask what she eats and I see something in a wrapper which she likes, along with whatever else she doesn’t even describe.  it was like she said “whatever”.   I ask her what makes her nervous: Big pain in my left ear! A shooting pain.  I don’t like thunder and dark sky.  I don’t like bouncing balls.  I don’t like bees.  I don’t like someone too close behind me.  I don’t like barbed wire fences.  but i do like if someone sings to me close to my ear.  I do like ice cream.  she said: ‘hats off” and I don’t know if she meant her fly hat.   She also seems to like to watch card games which she shows me.  She likes when J. leans her head against her side. She feels your vibration. I ask if there is a message for J.:  She likes to be brushed. In a downward motion. It feels good. She feels she looks good.  She likes that you sit tall in the saddle, she feels tall herself. The right side of my face itches.. One more request. She’d like to see a painting or a print on her wall. She gets tired of the same view all the time. I ask what the picture should be of and she shows me fields with daisies.  She smiles at me and the reading ends. She rushes back in and says “tell her i love her!” and rushes out again.

Not only does this horse order ice cream — she also asks for a painting to be put on her wall and says what the image should be. So amazing.


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