Emma the Peeing Cat


Q: why she pees on everything.

A  from Emma: she says she doesn’t like the way the things smell.

so she puts her scent on them.  She shows me a bowl near the window and  she looks out while she eats.   likes mashed food.  sort of a self possessed cat. (yes – say the owners)
A serious cat. (owners agree)
She likes to watch flying things like flags, clothes? not much patience with other cats. (owners agree) it’s like she’s busy, has things to watch and do and they annoy her (more agreement). She shows me her front left paw – an old injury. it looks like it curls down alittle.  (owners don’t know)

Emma seems to like sleeping on top of high things. (owners agree) also likes cold things to eat and would appreciate an old tee shirt in her bed.(they think that is true and are likely to try it.)


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